A healthy puppy means a healthy family

Information from our Partners in Pet Nutrition - Eukanuba 

Protect your family too

You can help reduce your family's risk of contracting zoonotic diseases by administering a broad spectrum worming product.

Healthy family

  • Ensure children wash their hands before eating and after playing outside or with pets.
  • Clean up after your puppy quickly to remove the chance of wormeggs being exposed to the family.
  • Prevent your puppy from licking children's faces.
  • Never eat anything your puppy may have licked.

Healthy puppy

  • Take your puppy for regular veterinary examinations.
  • Give your puppy regular parasite protection with suitable worming treats.
  • Ensure children wear shoes when playing outdoors in areas where dogs defecate.
  • Cover children's sandpits when not in use.
  • Wear gloves or wash hands when gardening.


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