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Getting a dog

Here's some helpful tips from our partners in pet nutrition - Eukanuba on how to prepare your home for your new arrival.

Puppy proofing your home

Before you bring your new puppy home for the very first time, ensure that your home is suitably prepared.

Here are some important tips to help keep him out of harm's way

The journey home

Take a towel when you go to collect your puppy. Rub it on mum and litter mates so you can bring some of their scent home to help familiarize him with his new environment.

Take some paper towels and a plastic bag too - just in case your puppy gets carsick. Consider buying a travel crate suitable for his breed size as this will provide a secure and familiar environment to travel in, now and in the future.

Before setting off, spend some time with him in the car to allow him to become accustomed.

Supplies you will need