What is the difference between dry and fresh meat ingredients?

Some people recommend dog food with meat in the ingredient list (composition), whilst others recommend to use products with dried meat ingredients.

What is the difference and what do you recommend?

The answer is simple - the difference is water content. Fresh meat can contain up to 80% water. To illustrate that let us compare two products. Remember that according to legislation the first ingredient of the composition is always the ingredient that weighs the most, and tapering down to the last ingredient that weighs the least.

A has first ingredient: Chicken (20%) and B has first ingredient: Dried Chicken (20%)

Both products have an animal protein ingredient as the first ingredient which is what we want to provide for a carnivore like the dog. However, Product A, uses chicken meat containing 75% water, thus leaving only 5% dehydrated chicken, which is 4 times less than in Product B.

In other words, dried meat ingredients provide up to 4 times more animal protein on a per weight basis as fed! In addition, because water has been removed, and water is both odorless and tasteless, the dried meat ingredient has concentrated and enhanced palatability, which the dog loves.

Answer provided by William Bredal BSc DVM, Veterinary Technical Manager Eukanuba.


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