Food sensitivities and intolerances

Some dogs appear to be sensitive or intolerant to certain ingredients and additives and this can cause a variety of problems.

Common symptoms include:

  • lethargy
  • aggressive or hyperactive behaviour
  • chronic skin and ear problems
  • light to mid-brown loose bulky stools or diarrhoea
  • slime and jelly being passed with the stools and flatulence
  • bloating and weight gain or loss

In extreme cases they can get colitis (slime and blood in their stools) so consult your vet if this happens.

As with children, the most common food intolerances appear to be colourings, sugars, wheat, milk and soya. Obviously not all dogs are sensitive to these things, but if the symptoms keep re-occurring, you might do well to check this out and ask your vet for advice.

If you suspect a food intolerance you should avoid giving your dog any foods or treats containing any suspect ingredients for a month or two, and then reintroduce each ingredient, one at a time, and watch for the return of any physical or behavioural changes. You can use some of its food (from its daily allowance) as rewards.


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