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Fleur - A success story from Valgrays Border Collie Rescue

Martin Hill © / The Kennel Club

Taken from the streets of Bucharest, Romania and barbarically spayed while held in a public shelter.

A post on social media prompted an international response. Fleur was taken out of the pound and into safety. Her obvious wounds and infection were taken care of, but she was harbouring a more sinister condition. Distemper had taken hold and was taking this already frail girl to the brink.

Fleur spent four months fighting for her life, recovery was slow but she was finally ready to travel to her forever home in England. Three weeks into this new life, tragedy struck. Fleur collapsed and emergency surgery revealed rotten, dead intestines which were removed only for her life to start slipping away with sepsis. Veterinary advice was 'Put to sleep'. Removed from the vets and referred to the Royal Veterinary Hospital, Potters Bar, Fleur was given a 1% chance of survival.

Not only did Fleur recover, but in October 2016 Fleur became a Scruffts semi-finalist and competed in the final at Crufts 2017.

(Photo credit: Martin Hill © / The Kennel Club)


Henry - A success story from North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue

North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue ©

Henry was rehomed by NWESSR to Jill McGuire on 14th July 2012, aged six and a half.

All we knew of Henry’s previous life is that he had three other owners, the last one having to give him up due to ill health. Although Henry had not been badly treated, he had been neglected.  He was seriously overweight, his coat was knotted and matted and desperately needed clipping, he ate only human food at whatever time he was fed and slept on his owner’s bed.

With a new routine in place, within three months he had shed four kilos, was eating regular meals at regular times, and had become an exercise junkie! As he became a very active dog Jill decided to introduce new challenges for him to stimulate him mentally. He quickly passed basic obedience tests, Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizens, and also an activity called rally, a kind of doggy dressage! He has passed levels 1 & 2 with excellence and is currently working on level 3.

Jill and Henry

Henry has a very calm, non aggressive temperament and Jill used to take him to visit her mother who was in care for patients with dementia. After she passed away, the care home asked if Henry would still visit.  Henry was subsequently put forward for the Pets As Therapy assessment to become an official visiting PAT dog, which he passed with flying colours.

Henry is now eleven years old and still very fit and active. He goes everywhere with Jill, to visit family and friends, and has had lots of holidays in B&Bs, cottages, hotels and a motorhome.

He means the world to Jill and she would be lost without him. Henry achieved first place in the NWESSR Annual Fun Day for best rescue dog. Jill was so proud of him.

(Photo credit: North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue ©)

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