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Kennel Club Breed Rescue: supporting rescue dogs

Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations re-home approximately 10,000 dogs each year and for over 25 years we have published a rescue directory to list the many general and breed rescue organisations that exist around the country.  This has proved to be a useful tool for anyone looking to adopt a dog, or wanting to re-home a pet in a home that is appropriate and is a valuable source of information for the general public, veterinary surgeries, dog wardens, police, dog clubs and other welfare organisations.

Our commitment to rescue continues to grow as we work ever more closely with breed rescue organisations to support the work that is done to fine the right homes for pedigree dogs in the UK.  Breed rescue organisations have specialist knowledge about their particular breeds and can advise on the type of environment and care that the dogs require.

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Find a pedigree rescue dog

Consider giving a home to a rescue dog as long as you are prepared to put in extra work if it is needed but it can be an immensely rewarding experience. The Kennel Club Find a Rescue Dog service provides contact details for breed rescue for your chosen pedigree dog breed in your area.

Kennel Club Charitable Trust

Kennel Club Breed Rescue is supported by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust which offers financial assistance to many dog welfare programmes throughout the UK.

It is the principle objective of the Kennel Club to 'promote in every way the general improvement of dogs', this is achieved through ensuring that we are the first port of call on all canine matters and recognising the importance of canine health and welfare. We are firmly committed to safeguarding the welfare of all dogs.

Kennel Club Breed Rescue Calendar 2018 

After sifting through many great entries for the calendar, the 12 winners have now been chosen to feature in the 2018 calendar. Each month of the year features a different dog that has been rehomed by a Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisation. To accompany the heart-warming images, a short story about each dog features alongside.

The calendar is a great opportunity to raise funds for Kennel Club Breed Rescue which will help us to promote and support breed rescue organisations across the country in any way we can.

The calendar is available to purchase for £5 through our online shop, click here to buy it.

Shout About Your Work - We need your stories!

Breed Rescue volunteers are the unsung heroes of the dog world and we need your stories about the dogs whose lives have been turned around in dramatic ways and about dogs who are still looking for loving homes. 

Read the stories we have already received here.

Bear in mind that things that are dramatic or sad, novel or funny tend to make great news stories. For example, if you have a dog looking for a home, ask whether it fits any of the categories below – if so, tell us about it, because we could publicise it and help find that dog a home (as well as promoting your great work):

Please remember that photos are essential for these stories so if you have a dog come to you, remember to take a shot of it when it comes to you, as well as after you’ve helped it.

We are also looking for great stories about some of the unsung heroes of the rescue world, send in your stories using the forms below:

Dogs rehomed
Share your stories about dogs whose lives have been dramatically turned around. 
Unsung heroes
Maybe you know somebody who devotes their time to helping dogs in need despite challenges in their own life, or who has made a particularly outstanding difference in their long service to hundreds of dogs. Please tell us their story.
Dogs looking for homes
Share your stories about dogs looking to be rehomed.

The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes Conference 2017

The ADCH conference took place in April and speakers included Ben Wilkes (Border Collie Trust (GB), Pen Farthing (NOWZAD) and Trevor Cooper (Cooper & Co. Solicitors).

The Kennel Club’s Health & Breeder Services Manager, Bill Lambert gave a presentation on breed rescue organisations and the work they do. Particular emphasis was placed on collaborative working with general rescues. 

Bill highlighted the specialist knowledge of KCBRs which could assist ‘all breed’ rescues who may require support and information about unfamiliar breeds. He also encouraged collaborative working by welfare organisations in order to enhance:

The talk was well received and, to continue to encourage communication between all rescue organisations, the Kennel Club is now asking for your help. In the last edition of the newsletter, breed rescues were asked to submit information on their breed, written specifically from the rescue perspective, which could be added to the Kennel Club website as a resource for general rescues.

The general rescues may not have access to the same knowledge and information about the breed that the breed specific organisations have. All rescues are working together to achieve the same end – happy, healthy dogs placed in loving forever homes – so with this in mind, the Kennel Club would like to ask breed rescues to submit information on their breed which might assist ‘all breed’ rescues.

It could be useful to include:

Please submit this information to or call us on 020 7518 1048 if you have any questions.