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Visit the breeder

Your experience of visiting the breeder of your puppy should be a happy and positive one. Below is some information to help guide you through what to expect from your visit, and what warning signs you should walk away from.


Key Message

If you have any reservations about a breeder then it is best to trust your instincts and walk away. If you think that a breeder may be a puppy farmer, or is breeding irresponsibly, then never purchase a puppy from them, even if you think you are rescuing the puppy.  Your puppy may be better off going home with you, but by giving the “breeder” money you are funding them to breed even more dogs, possibly from the puppy’s mother, in horrible and unethical conditions.


The conditions the dogs are kept in

The puppies

The mother

What the breeder should do

Getting to know you

 Information from the breeder

When and where to never buy

Who not to trust

Always trust your instincts


What now?

Once you have visited the breeder it’s important that you don’t make a snap decision. Ensure that the breeder is happy for you to have plenty of time to make up your mind about buying the puppy.  Any breeder that pressurises you into buying a puppy may be looking to make a quick profit and should be avoided at all costs.