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Thinking about buying a puppy? Download the FREE official Kennel Club Puppy Buying Guide (available on Android and iOS) for helpful information, tips and a checklist for that important decision in life.

How to download the app

You can download the app directly onto your phone from:

Download the app directly from:

This app delivers essential information to help you decide if you are ready to own a puppy and guidance on choosing the right breed, crossbreed, pedigree or rescue dog that is right for you and your family. Once you pass this first stage, you can progress to how to go about buying your puppy including a helpful checklist with essential information to ask your breeder. Once you have purchased your happy, healthy puppy the last two stages are tips on taking your puppy home and training and health tips for those important first few weeks.

Key features:

  • Advice on how to choose and care for your puppy
  • Check list on what to ask the breeder
  • Helpful links to search for local breeds, clubs and training advice
  • Browse through the journey of purchasing a puppy
  • Simple design with easy navigation and efficient browsing
  • Tips and hints throughout the journey of content


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