Kennel Name Bequest

If you hold a Kennel Name in your sole ownership and have worked hard to develop your line over the years, you will not want to let your Kennel Name be consigned to history when you pass away.

The Kennel Club recognises the significance of a Kennel Name and the reputation built up over a long period of time, which is why the Bequest Service was introduced to allow all sole Kennel Name holders, or an individual with a separate interest in a Kennel Name, the opportunity to bequeath their Kennel Name in the event of their death.

The Bequest Service allows Kennel Name holders to bequeath their names ensuring that their wishes are observed after death. For anyone whose Kennel Name is held in joint names, you do not need to apply for this service. Upon the death of either party the Kennel Name will automatically transfer to the remaining person(s) upon notification.

To apply please complete the form Kennel Name Bequest

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