Form 4 - Application for the registration of an imported dog from overseas

Last Updated 29th May 2018

In order to apply to import your dog with the Kennel Club, your dog must be registered with an appropriate overseas Kennel Club. 

The Kennel Club will normally only accept registration for dogs from overseas countries when the following applies:

  • The breed is recognised by the Kennel Club
  • The Kennel Club has a reciprocal agreement with the overseas Kennel Club which have full membership, associate membership or contract partnership of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)
  • The owner and the dog must be resident at an address either in the UK, Republic of Ireland or Channel Islands.

How to apply:

Online application

If you wish to apply online, please click here.

Postal application

Please download and complete the Form 4 application for the registration of an imported dog from overseas.


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