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Form 1 - Litter Registration (Assured Breeder)

This form is to be used by Kennel Club Assured Breeders to register their litters.

There are two ways that breeders can register their litters:

1. Registering your litter by completing the Form 1 - Litter Registration

Please remember to complete all sections of form and return it to the Kennel Club. Application processing may take up to 14 days and so we kindly urge breeders to complete the application as early as possible to ensure the relevant registration documents are available for the puppies new owners at the time of sale.

2. Registering your litter using the Online Litter Registration Service via MyKC

Online Litter Registration via MyKC is the quickest way to register your litter.  To use this service you would still need to have a Form 1 - Litter Registration signed by the owner of the sire.