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Vets and Researchers

The Kennel Club provides veterinary practices with the information, resources and tools to help promote and encourage canine health and welfare.

Working together with veterinary practices, the Kennel Club can continue to improve the lives of dogs and encourage the breeding of healthy and happy puppies.

The Kennel Scope
A quarterly newsletter keeping veterinary practices informed of the latest news and developments in canine health.
Information Guides
A collection of guides designed to provide owners and breeders with key information and advice about a range of issues that may arise during a dog's lifetime.
Reporting C-sections and surgical procedures
The Kennel Club requires that registered owners consent reports of caesarean sections from the vet to the Kennel Club, to help correct some of the problems identified in the breeding of dogs, and to avoid confidentiality problems. A caesarean report form template is provided.
Kennel Club Publications and Statistics
Find out more about the range of Kennel Club health reports and publications, as well as a variety of regularly updated health statistics.
Health Resources for Shows and Judges
Resources for those involved in dog showing to continue putting dog health first.
Vet Checks
Vet checks confirm Best of Breed awards at dog shows, by assessing dogs to ensure that no visible health conditions, which may cause pain or discomfort, are rewarded. Further information can be found in this section on the processes and procedures behind these checks.