How the Kennel Club supports canine health

For many years, the Kennel Club has devoted itself to improving the health and welfare of dogs and is committed to ensuring that every dog's life is as healthy and happy as it can possibly be.

The Kennel Club has introduced a large number of initiatives to help improve the lives of thousands of dogs and continues to develop new programmes and educational resources to progress dog health in the future.

What the Kennel Club does for Health
Find out what the Kennel Club does to improve the responsible breeding of healthy dogs, health in dog shows, awareness of canine health issues through education and the promotion and progression of scientific research.
What the Kennel Club is doing to improve brachycephalic dog health
Improving the health of brachycephalic dog breeds and any other breed with health concerns is the Kennel Club’s top priority. Find out how we do this through funding scientific research, improving dog show judges education and continuing to raise awareness of canine health issues through education.
Assured Breeder Scheme
The Assured Breeder Scheme promotes good breeding practice through principles that Members must follow, thereby encouraging the breeding of healthy and well-adjusted puppies.
Bio-Acquisition Research Collaboration
A facility which helps bring researchers and clinicians together with regards to research projects, allowing more collaboration of ideas, information, and providing a platform to advertise requests for required samples.
BVA/KC Health Schemes
The British Veterinary Association, in conjunction with the Kennel Club, runs clinical veterinary screening schemes, which aim to detect signs of a number of inherited diseases to help breeders identify and choose healthy breeding stock.
International Canine Health Awards
These Awards recognise innovative researchers, veterinary scientists and students whose research has significantly impacted the health and welfare of dogs. Find out more, including how to apply.
The Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the AHT
The genetics team at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) identify genetic mutations which cause inherited disease in purebred dogs and where possible, develop DNA tests to help eradicate these diseases.
The Kennel Club Cancer Centre at the AHT
Cancer is the most common cause of death in dogs. The Cancer Centre was built to treat dogs with cancer and to assist with further understanding of the disease.
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust
Funding a wide variety of work, ranging from research dedicated to canine diseases, dog welfare organisations and the promotion of assistance and support dogs.
The Kennel Scope
A quarterly newsletter keeping veterinary practices informed of the latest news and developments in canine health.
Mate Select
An online tool designed to assist breeders in selecting an appropriate mate for their dog. It offers a range of services, including inbreeding coefficient calculators and the health test results finder, to help breeders improve the health and welfare of their breed as a whole.


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