Dog Health Group Annual Report

The Kennel Club's Dog Health Group was established in January 2010, to replace and expand the remit of the Breed Health and Welfare Strategy Group, which was established in 2002. The remit of the Dog Health Group is as follows:

  • To develop strategy for the Kennel Club's health work.
  • To provide overall co-ordination and monitoring of such work.
  • To supervise the Fit for Function: Fit for Life campaign and other 'public' campaigns.
  • To be responsible for recommending, on advice from the various sub-groups, the requirements for health schemes, the Assured Breeder Scheme requirements and other breeding strategies.
  • To produce an annual report on the Dog Health Group's work.

Some of the achievements of the Dog Health Group and its three subgroups are outlined in the following annual reports:

Dog Health Group Annual Report 2015

Previous years


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