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The Kennel Club provides you and your clients with information and educational resources to learn about and help to progress canine health and welfare.

The tools available to breeders can assist them in choosing their dog an appropriate mate to continue to breed happy healthy puppies.

Mate Select
A range of free online health tools which assist breeders in selecting an appropriate mate for their dog. It offers an array of services, including inbreeding coefficient calculators for each breed, dog and potential mating and also the health test results finder - a facility to check the health test results from any Kennel Club recognised official health testing scheme.
Breed Information Centre
An online service providing information about all Kennel Club recognised breeds. It includes all recommended health schemes and tests, breed club contacts, Kennel Club Assured Breeders, breed standards and breed rescues.
Information Guides
A collection of guides designed to provide owners and breeders with key information and advice about a range of issues that may arise during their dog's lifetime.
Advice on buying a dog
The Kennel Club provides information to assist vets on what advice they can offer to their clients on finding and choosing a healthy puppy and which breed may be right for their circumstances.
Events, Seminars and Surveys
This section keeps you up to date with any upcoming events, health seminars and surveys.
The Puppy Socialisation Plan
The Kennel Club and the Dogs Trust have jointly devised a socialisation plan for both breeders and new owners to follow as a step by step guide to prepare their puppies as best they can for life as family pets.
The Kennel Scope
A quarterly newsletter keeping veterinary practices informed of the latest news and developments in canine health.
Petlog is the largest database for microchipped pets and is managed by the Kennel Club. Make sure you always buy microchips associated with Petlog. Working together we can ensure customers are offered the best possible support when their pet goes missing.


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