Rachel Maclean and her Dogs Trust Rescue Dog

Owner’s Name: Rachel Maclean

Constituency: Redditch County


Why have you chosen to enter with a Dogs Trust rescue dog?

It’s too far for me to bring my own two rescue dogs Phoebe and Herbie to Parliament, they stay in my home in Redditch. I have worked with Dogs Trust on the puppy smuggling campaign and am keen to encourage more people to rehouse rescue dogs.


What are your favourite characteristics in a dog?

Stamina for my long mountain hikes in the mountains in Wales, and cuddliness to curl up in my lap in front of the fire afterwards.


What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

Puppy smuggling is a big problem still, also the popularity of designer dogs who are bought by owners who have no idea of the health problems they may face.


How do you think people can ensure they’re responsible dog owners?

By making sure to educate themselves before buying a dog and especially do not buy a puppy without seeing it with its mother and following all the guidelines set out by the Dogs Trust.


Why should you and your Dogs Trust rescue dog win Westminster Dog of the Year 2019?

I really don’t care if I win I just want an excuse to spend some time with a lovely rescue dog!


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