Nigel Adams MP and Katya

Owner’s Name: Nigel Adams

Constituency: Selby and Ainsty

Dog’s Name: Katya

Breed: Welsh Cardigan Corgi

Sex: Female

Age: 13 months

Colour: Black / white / Brindle


What are your favourite characteristics in your dog?

Katya is extremely loyal, which is not uncommon with corgis & affectionate.


How does your dog enhance your day to day life?

She is such a help providing comfort for 5 family members while I’m away.


What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

One of the reasons we got Katya was because if the Kennel Clubs, ‘Save the Forgotten Dog Breeds’ campaign. More publicity for this is crucial!


How do you ensure you are a responsible dog owner?

It is a privilege and responsibility to own dogs & we have always ensured they have regular check-ups, diet and exercise (and love).


Why should your dog be crowned Westminster Dog of the Year 2019?

Katya is a cardigan corgi which are on the KC vulnerable native breed list. It would be good publicity for vulnerable breeds.


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