Dame Cheryl Gillan and Dogs Trust Rescue Dog

Owner’s Name: Dame Cheryl Gillan

Dogs Name: Dogs Trust Rescue

Constituency: Chesham and Amersham

Why have you chosen to enter with a Dogs Trust rescue dog?

Because sadly I do not have a dog of my own at the moment and every dog deserves a good home.

What are your favourite characteristics in a dog?

Small, bright eyed and full of get up and go.

What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

Puppy farming and unscrupulous breeding.

How can you minimise stress to your dog during fireworks displays?

Stay with them close the curtains and watch TV and ask your neighbours to be considerate.

Why should you and your Dogs Trust rescue dog win Westminster Dog of the Year 2018?

Whatever dog I have to enter with will be a deserving dog who needs a happy future.

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