Craig Mackinlay and Libby

Dog's Name: Libby

Owner's Name: Craig Mackinlay

Political Party: Conservative

Owner's Constituency: South Thanet

Breed (all breeds and crossbreeds welcome): Labrador

Sex: Female

Age: 2

Colour: Chocolate

Describe your top five doggy personality traits:

  • Eyes so big and desperate, no one can ever resist to give her just one of those delicious looking biscuits.
  • Only the noise of a biscuit tin being opened can awaken Libby from a nap.
  • There is no time and place that a belly rub could not be requested.
  • Indeed there is also no time and place that a cuddle could not be enjoyed.
  • A waggy tail that can knock you over.

What are your top doggy achievements to date (e.g. training classes, awards, tricks etc.)?

Libby has perfected the art of not being bound by the leashes and expectations of society. No lead is strong enough to harness her enthusiasm towards life and trying new things, be it chasing a bird or running after a rabbit. There is no place she cannot nap and there is no sweet she will not find. Libby truly is a role model for all dogs who are tired of the ludicrous standards set by society.

Libby is so well trained she completed the rest of this CV herself.

What would you do if you were PM for the day? Any dog related issues you would tackle for your four-legged friends?

For my entire life, I have always seen humans looking down on me and underestimating my canine compatriots. If I could stand on the steps of Downing Street for one day, my first action would be to fight for the freedom of our race, legalise our right to vote and put a leash on those dangerous human specimens. I would also create golden kibble and ban all the others that our “masters” would not even be able to taste, but still feed us with.

Why is it essential that all children in the UK are educated about safe interaction with dogs?

Because I am sure humans would love to spend 24/7 having their hair pulled, being poked and climbed on.

What advice would you give to children about safe interaction with dogs?

It is essential that those soon to be humans are shown the ways of life whose significance they have not yet acknowledged. Where to nap, where to find the sweets and how to annoy those beastly things that call themselves “cats”.

Why should you be crowned Westminster Dog of the Year 2016?

As a strong advocate of canine rights I must be crowned Westminster Dog of the Year 2016, to at last be able to implement equality between the so-called “masters and pet” on vellum paper.

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