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Carol Monaghan MP and Jean

Owner’s Name: Carol Monaghan

Constituency: Glasgow North West

Dog’s Name: Jean

Breed: Possibly a Staffordshire bull terrier/ Collie cross but we are not sure

Sex: Female

Age: 5

Colour: Brown


What are your favourite characteristics in your dog?

She is extremely affectionate but cunning too.  If we are packing the car, she will sit in the boot to ensure she is not left behind.  She has lightening quick reactions and often surprises people by her speed.


How does your dog enhance your day to day life?

Because of Jean, I am walking several miles every day.  She is great company for me in my constituency office and out and about at events.


What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

The breeding of designer dogs, driven by some members of the public wanting a fashion item.  This is causing serious problems for some of the poor animals.


How do you ensure you are a responsible dog owner?

Jean is walked three times a day, is never left home alone for more than a few hours, is kept on a lead around children and is encouraged to sit or lie when new people are around.


Why should your dog be crowned Westminster Dog of the Year 2019?

Jean was being beaten up outside my friend’s hair salon. My friend literally rescued her from her abusive owners and nursed her back to health.  She took her to work everyday and Jean became a local celebrity.  When my friend emigrated to Hong Kong in 2016, we adopted Jean.  She is a great campaigner having joined me in canvassing for the Scottish Parliament elections in 2016, Council and General Elections in 2017 and the European Elections in 2019.  


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