Alan Brown and Cobalt

Owner’s Name: Alan Brown

Constituency: Kilmarnock and Loudoun        

Dog’s Name: Cobalt

Breed: Labrador retriever

Sex:  Male

Age: 10 years old on 26 August

Colour: Black

What are your favourite characteristics in your dog?

  • Loves rolling in the grass
  • Loves belly rubs
  • Is ball mad
  • Swimming is his every day joy
  • His never-ending optimism

How does your dog enhance your day to day life?

He is a country dog, and loves long walks which is great for his and my health; His company keeps my family happy while I am working in London. He is unfailingly happy to see me, greeting me with waggy tail regardless if I’ve been away for a week or for a minute.

What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

Unlicenced dog breeders and dog imports needs to be controlled; (Formally objected to an industrial dog breeding licence for an intended operation located in my own constituency).

Dog owners need to be held to account for the health and happiness of their dog.

Dog owners need to ensure that they keep their dogs under control near livestock and pick up after their dogs; the dog owners who flout these rules create a negative public perception which affects all other dogs and dog owners.

How can you minimise stress to your dog during fireworks displays?

Coby is a lab, so he’s off gun dog stock; he never seems to notice fireworks at all.

A window washer, however, that is extremely stressful for him, and we try to keep him away from the windows and tucked up into his cozy den when the window washer comes by.

Why should your dog be crowned Westminster Dog of the Year 2018?

Coby is a loving, entertaining and friendly dog. He crosses political boundaries and has befriended MPs and MSPs of every political party; I think Coby sets a very good example for Westminster.

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