Obreedience Judges Information

Judges Instructions



  • There will be 2 rounds of the competition. Round 1 - Heelwork followed by 4 set exercises. All the heelwork rounds should be completed before the set exercises. 
  • Please ensure team members are ready to compete when their running order is due. Judging will not be delayed if team members are absent. There will be a running order for all teams taking part.
  • Extra commands will be permitted throughout the test, except in the scent exercise.
  • When working in the ring all dogs must be presented on a collar and lead. Note: - no slip leads permitted.
  • When dogs are in the ring, they must be under control. Any excessive barking or poor control will be penalised.
  • During the set exercises, team members will be directed to their own individual starting point and must keep their dogs on lead and under close control whilst fellow team members complete their respective exercise. When each of the four exercises are complete, handlers will be lead out of the ring by a steward.
  • Food must not be carried whilst in the ring. Toys will not be allowed unless required for a particular exercise e.g. Retrieve, Scent and Stop (if desired). Note squeaky toys or articles that contain food or are in any way dangerous to the dog will not be permitted.
  • The same four dogs and handlers who partake in the Heelwork exercise must be the same four that complete the set exercises. Any changes to the team following the Heelwork will result in full marks being deducted.
  • Bandana collars and handkerchief type collars are permitted in the presentation but not during any part of the test.
  • Places will be awarded 1st - 4th
  • Scoring should be done with the highest placed team coming first. 
  • In the event of a runoff (teams tying on the same marks), must complete the heelwork exercise. 


Heel on Lead (Team)  – 10 points

·         All four team members will be guided into the ring by a steward. A line will be drawn on the floor as the starting point. Handlers must keep the same spacing throughout the exercise. All heelwork will be conducted on a loose lead, at normal pace and extra commands will be permitted throughout.

·         All dogs and handlers must start, halt and turn together.

·         There will be 2 About turns, 1 Right and 1 Left turn and a 3 pole weave.

·         The weave will be entered from the right hand side (with the first cone on the dog's left).

·         Each team will be marked on their ability to conduct heelwork as a group and their overall heelwork capabilities i.e. ability to keep the team in unison, turn accordingly whilst keeping the dogs at heel. Dogs will not be judged on their style or closeness of position but will be judged on the ability of the dog to remain the same distance from the handler from the start to the finish of the exercise.


Exercise 2 - Send to Bed   (10 Points)

·         The bed used will be selected by the handler and the handler will carry this with them into the ring.

·         Each handler will stand on their starting point until directed by the steward.

·         Before commencing this exercise, each handler will advise the steward as to which position their dog will adopt on the bed. The judge will be looking for each dog’s body to be on the bed. Points will be deducted appropriately for dogs that do not have all of their body on the bed.

·         On the steward’s command each handler will walk out with the dog on lead and place their bed on the designated spot. Each handler will then show the dog where the bed is. Dogs may be placed on the bed if desired.

·         Each handler will then return to the starting point and upon the steward’s command the handler will send their dog to bed.

·         On the steward’s command, handler to return to the dog, replace the lead and release.

Exercise 3 - Stop on Recall & Play (10 Points)

·         Each handler will stand on their starting point until directed by the steward.

·         Dogs may be left in a Sit, Down or Stand position. Marks will be deducted for movement and/or anticipation.

·         A large marked area will be marked on the floor and this will be where the judge will require each dog to be stopped.

·         Handlers will then be directed by the steward to leave their dog and walk to a designated spot, then call their dog and stop the dog in the area.

·         A SIT, DOWN or STAND position will be accepted as a stop position.

·         Extra commands will be permitted throughout the exercise.

·         Once the dog has been stopped, on the steward’s command, the handler to return to the dog and replace the lead and then release and play with the dog under control (with or without a toy). They will then move back to the starting position. The toy must be concealed from sight when the stop command is given.

Exercise 4 - Retrieve (10 Points)

·         Handler's own article.

·         The exercise will be conducted on stewards command and will include a present and finish.

·         A reasonable length of throw is required (past the judge).

Exercise 5 - Scent   (10 Points)

·         The article used will be the handlers own article and the handler will carry this into the ring. It will then be placed on a tray which the steward will then use to place amongst the other articles (in a position of the judges choice). Note the judge will mark a line designating the scent area.

·         Extra commands will not be permitted whilst the dog is over the Scent area. The pattern of 5 mixed articles will be placed in a straight line.

·         On the steward’s command, each dog will then be required to do a scent amongst 5 mixed articles plus the handler’s article.



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