IAF 'Have a Go' Ring

As a major showcase for UK agility, the International Agility Festival aims not only to cater for existing agility addicts, but also to attract dog owners who have not yet been bitten by the bug and give them a chance to find out why we think "agility is fun".

Our "Have a Go" ring was a great success when it was introduced ten years ago and continues to be a popular feature of the event. It enables members of the public to try out their own dogs' aptitude for agility using specially designed "nursery" equipment. Expert instructors will be present to help visitors guide their dogs round the jumps, through the tunnels and over mini A-frames to get a taste of the addictive nature of agility.

Just bring your dog and book a place. (Dogs should be at least 18 months old; a small charge will apply and we reserve the right to refuse a dog if we think it is not suited.)


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