Ruth Davidson and Wilson

Dog's Name: Wilson.

Owner's Name: Ruth Davidson.

Political Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

Owners Constituency/ Region: Edinburgh Central.

Breed (all breeds and crossbreeds welcome): Cocker Spaniel.

Sex: Male.

Age: 18 months.

Colour: Black tan.

Describe your top five doggy personality traits

Happy-go-lucky, curious, energetic, friendly, excitable.

 What are your top doggy achievements to date?

Having been run over by a car 6 months ago, having multiple operations, metal pins etc, plus a major skin graft, he’s now on the mend and beginning to run around again.

 What would you do if you were First Minister for the day?

Wilson would make chasing birds the national sport of Scotland.

 What dog related issues do you think need tackling in Scotland for your four-legged friends?

Tougher enforcement and pet banning orders for those who abuse animals.

 Which three dead or alive celebrity dog owners (political or otherwise) would you invite to your fantasy doggy dinner party?

Jane Lynch, George Clooney and the Queen.

Why should you be crowned Holyrood Dog of the Year 2017?

I think Wilson is judging, not competing this year, but he’ll be fit again next year and a total contender!

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