Pauline McNeill and Harry

Dog's Name: Harry.

Owner's Name: Pauline McNeill

Political Party: Labour

Owners Constituency/ Region: Glasgow

Breed (all breeds and crossbreeds welcome): German Shepherd

Sex: Male

Age: 2

Colour: Black and tan

Describe your top five doggy personality traits.
Loves people thinks everyone loves him, howls with Police or ambulance sirens , will do a high five  for food, ferocious and fast runner, has amazing control when throw a ball like a footballer.

What are your top doggy achievements to date?
He will take your hand  in his  mouth and take you over to what he wants, he never tries to eat from the table, he can run and fetch for miles which is important for his fitness It is hard to tire  him out.

What would you do if you were First Minister for the day?
Abolish cruelty to animals and dogs and maybe let them take over the Parliamentary chamber for a day.

What dog related issues do you think need tackling in Scotland for your four-legged friends?
Abolish the electric shock collars and cruelty to puppies, regulate sale of puppies AND make areas in parks for dogs to run free.

Which three dead or alive celebrity dog owners (political or otherwise) would you invite to your fantasy doggy dinner party?
Rud Weatherwax, Lassie , Arianna Grande and her Dachshund German Shepherd cross called Coco C Suzy Grande, Kevin Spacey and  his black mongrel whose name I don't know but he loves all dogs.

Why should you be crowned Holyrood Dog of the Year 2017?
Harry is a big personality with a big heart, he is very handsome and loves everyone, is exceptional for a German Shepherd in that he can communicate in a way that make you feel he is talking to you.

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