Maurice Golden and Leo

MSP: Maurice Golden           

Region/Constituency: West of Scotland    

Dog’s Name: Leo

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Sex: Male

Age:10 weeks

Colour: Golden

What are your favourite characteristics in your dog?

How he loves to be cuddled like a baby.

What makes your dog such a great animal?

Dogs are loyal and completely loving when given the right guidance and care

What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

  • The ban on electric collars must be quickly and fully implemented by the Scottish Government.
  • The illegal puppy trade.
  • Animals cruelty sentences to be raised to five years in prison. 

What role should training and socialisation play in a dog’s life and what is your top training tip?

Training and socialisation help dogs become friendly pets in teaching what is right from wrong, and how to communicate effectively with both humans and other dogs. It is important that owners are fair and consistent throughout this process.

Top training tip: be patient and stay calm.

Why should your dog be crowned Holyrood Dog of the Year 2018?

Together, Leo and I truly are the ‘Golden’ duo.

Leo is the most affectionate and playful puppy you will meet, and my work both within Parliament and with some amazingly dedicated organisations has been crucial in campaigning for the welfare of dogs; for example, in fighting for a ban on electric shock collars. I am committed to the protection of these wonderful animals and look forward to seeing the support generated by this great initiative.



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