Maurice Corry and Bobby

MSP: Maurice Corry       

Region/Constituency: West Scotland region      

Dog’s Names: Bobby

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Sex: Male

Age: 12

Colour: White

What are your favourite characteristics in your dog?

Bobby is a very loyal dog and exemplifies the maxim of man/woman's best friend. He is very friendly and good with children and people generally.

What makes your dog such a great animal?

His character being full of fun, loving nature and intelligent.

What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

Puppy farming needs to be vigorously stamped out and certainly licensed and policed more effectively.

What role should training and socialisation play in a dog's life and what is your top training tip?

I believe training and socialisation should play an important and necessary role in the early years of a dog along with their owners to develop an understanding between each other and bonding. Also ensuring that a dog meets other dogs and is trained to behave accordingly in a proper manner without aggression.

Why should your dog be crowned Holyrood Dog of the Year 2018?

As Bobby embodies all that is good in a loving and good natured dog brought up in a family who understand dog owning responsibilities and where bobby has responded to this very positively throughout his life. Also he follows in good footsteps of his predecessors, Rufus and Hamish who won the winners of the Veterans competition in Cove/Kilcreggan some years ago.

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