Jeremy Balfour and Dogs Trust Rescue Dog

MSP: Jeremy Balfour

Region/ Constituency: Lothian

Why have you chosen to enter with a Dogs Trust rescue dog?

I love dogs and can think of no better way of entering the competition, than with a dogs trust rescue dog from dogs trust, and alas I have no dog of my own.

What are your favourite characteristics in a dog?

Every dog has its own personality and I particularly love dogs that are affectionate and respond well to people, old and young

Why are dogs the best companion animals?

Dogs are man’s best friends after all and if they are looked after and cared for properly are a friend for life.

What dog welfare issues do you think need tackling?

When dogs suffer from neglect, cruelty and abuse, I believe we need to tackle this to end their misery.

What role does training and socialisation play in a dog’s life?

It is of paramount importance training and socialisation bring out the best in a dog as they respond well to behavioural training to interact well to humans.

Why should you and your Dogs Trust rescue dog be crowned Holyrood Dog of the Year 2018?

We’re a team!


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