Emma Harper and Maya

Dog's Name: Maya.

Owner's Name: Emma Harper.

Political Party: SNP.

Owners Constituency/ Region: South Scotland.

Breed (all breeds and crossbreeds welcome): Border Collie.

Sex: Female.

Age: 4.

Colour: Black and white.

Describe your top five doggy personality traits:

  • I am happy – and wiggle to let you know
  • I am and friendly – and love humans
  • I am very clever
  • I am good at fetching balls
  • I don’t like loud noises especially fireworks

What are your top doggy achievements to date?

  • I have been rescued
  • I share the ball with my other pack members because I have a sense of fairness
  • I can walk to the shops without a lead

What would you do if you were First Minister for the day?

As First Minister I would encourage humans to adopt not shop! Rescue all dogs from shelters and let them paddle in the water in front of parliament.

What dog related issues do you think need tackling in Scotland for your four-legged friends?

Tackle dog farming on industrial scale, illegal trafficking through cairnryan and 3rd party sales.

Which three dead or alive celebrity dog owners (political or otherwise) would you invite to your fantasy doggy dinner party?

Amal Clooney and her dog Einstein cos she is a very smart woman.

Sam Heuchan and Jasper cos he is a highlander!

And Paul Kavanaugh and his dug Ginger cos he will make us laugh.

Why should you be crowned Holyrood Dog of the Year 2017?

I am a rescue doggy and I love every person I have met no matter where they come from and sometimes people need rescuing too.

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