Change of ownership Terms

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Please make sure you are logged in when applying for a change of ownership.  

Upon completion of your Transfer of Ownership you may be eligible for a free 4 week period of pet insurance with our compliments to help safeguard the next few important weeks. Please complete this process to find out if you are eligible.

The data and health screening results connected to your dog will be published and used for registration and publication in relevant Kennel Club documentation as well as included in the Health Test Results Finder and Mate Select calculations. The data may also be used for research (statistical purposes) and shared with trusted and reputable partners for the sole purpose of undertaking research to improve dog health and welfare.

  1. This application must be made by you, the owner(s) and not a third party – failure to do so may result in cancellation of the application or registration.
  2. The Kennel Club registration does not equate to legal ownership. This application is to confirm the change in Kennel Club registered ownership. It is not intended to represent any form of contractual arrangement or document of sale between the previous owner and yourself as the new owner.
  3. This application is made upon the basis that all previous joint Kennel Club registered owners of this dog have consented to this change of Kennel Club registered ownership. In the event of any dispute, failure to produce evidence of such consent if so required may result in the cancellation of the change of Kennel Club registered ownership.
  4. An application cannot be accepted if any alterations or deletions are made to the names of the previous or new owners.
  5. Your rights and obligations between two or more joint owners should be confirmed and agreed in writing between the respective owners.
  6. In any dispute, your contractual and statutory rights under law will still apply. The Kennel Club cannot determine any disputes between co-owners.
  7. The Kennel Club will give effect where possible and appropriate to any court order or settlement upon presentation of satisfactory evidence.

Important Notes
It is important for all changes of Kennel Club registration that you hold and retain the previous registration certificate signed by the previous Kennel Club registered owner, including any other previous joint Kennel Club registered owners to confirm the consent to the change of Kennel Club registered ownership and failure to produce evidence of such consent if so required may result in the cancellation of the change of Kennel Club registered ownership.

The registration certificate is a record which may be called upon by The Kennel Club to be produced in the event of a dispute or for any other verification purposes in the future.

The Kennel Club reserves the right to reject any application, cancel or suspend any registration already made. The acceptance of a registration is not a guarantee of its accuracy.

Please note these Terms and Conditions, Kennel Club Rules and Regulations and General Code of Ethics may be amended from time to time, when an amendment is made the relevant section will be updated accordingly.

Exclusions to the Online Transfer Service

If you wish to transfer the registered ownership of a dog, which involve any of the following exclusions, please contact us on 01296 318540 for advice.

  • Dogs that are currently exported
  • Previous owners residing overseas