Selling your Kennel Club registered dogs

Let the Kennel Club help you find suitable homes for your new puppies.

Find a Puppy service

Our online Find a Puppy service provides contact details of breeders who currently have Kennel Club registered pedigree puppies for sale in the UK.

Advertise your whole litter for a period of 2 months from only £20.00, or the service is FREE if you are a Kennel Club Assured Breeder or have Vulnerable Native Breed puppies for sale.



  • All adverts are free to view by potential puppy owners
  • Puppies advertised are Kennel Club registered giving peace of mind to puppy buying public
  • Over 300,000 searches are made each month by potential puppy owners
  • Reach potential puppy owners before your litter is officially advertised as email alerts are issued to customers searching for puppies in your area, if they have requested this service
  • Security, only your town/region with contact details (name & telephone) are advertised ensuring only invited customers view the puppies for sale
  • Contact via email, customers can contact you via a contact form, to prevent possible misuse of your email
  • The Find A Puppy service is only available to breeders where no more than four litters have been registered at the same address over the preceding 12 month period, unless a Kennel Club Assured Breeder
  • Feedback from breeders who have used the service found that new owners have taken time to research the breed

How do I sell my puppies?

Select the Find A Puppy service during the litter registration process, once the litter is registered then the puppies will be advertised.  The fastest way a litter can be registered is by using Online Litter Registration (via MyKC).

If your litter has already been registered with the Kennel Club and you wish to now advertise the puppies for sale please contact our Registrations Team on 01296 318540 quoting the litter number and payment details.

It is vitally important that when you sell your puppies you find the right home. Hopefully this will determine where they will spend the rest of their life, and you will want to ensure that the puppy will be happy in that environment.

As guidelines, you may wish to think about some of the following when making your decision:

  • Find out if the people who want to buy the puppy have done their "homework" on their chosen breed.
  • Try to meet the whole family, including any children if possible.
  • Ask potential owners if they have any other dogs / pets.
  • Find out whether the dog is wanted purely as a pet, or whether they may be interested in breeding at a later stage (you may have placed endorsements on the puppy's registration certificate and the new owners will need to agree to these in writing before or at the date of sale). The new owner may also want to compete at Kennel Club licensed events.
  • Do not mislead people regarding the dog's characteristics and the care it requires (particularly of the coat).  Incomplete information for the new owner may result in the puppy being returned to you, or being sold on.
  • Find out if the potential owner has the time and inclination to groom an adult dog (particularly long coated breeds).
  • Find out how much time they spend at home. It is not necessarily a bad thing if they are out all day, provided they can take the dog to work with them.
  • Find out more about where they live, for example do they have a fenced garden? Some breeders like to conduct a home check before selling a puppy (you could always ask for photographs if it is not possible for you to visit the house in person). Do not automatically rule out flat dwellers - as long as they are willing and able to walk the dog regularly they may be able to offer a suitable home. It can even be the case that the dog is better off as then it cannot just be put out in the garden for exercise!

Finally, if you are not sure that the home is right for the puppy, then do not sell it

After you have sold your puppies

Once you have found suitable homes for all the puppies, contact us to remove your details from the Find a Puppy service.


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"I decided to join the scheme because I wanted the confidence and the reassurance that I was doing all of the right things by my girls and the breed"

"As a novice breeder, it was reassuring to be able to tick the boxes and to have access to help and guidance."

"I was proud of my reputation as a breeder [...] to show the public that good breeders are serious when it comes to health and welfare of our dogs and puppies."

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