Artificial Insemination FAQs

Q.  I have a maiden bitch - can I still mate her using Artificial Insemination?

A.  Yes, provided that she is not the product of an AI breeding herself. If she was produced as a result of an AI breeding, she would need to have at least one natural litter first.

Q.  The stud dog I want to use has not produced puppies naturally - will the application be accepted?

A.  The Committee has advised that maiden sires may be used in an AI breeding. However, any of his progeny would need to produce a natural litter first before being involved in any future AI programme.

Q.  Does the insemination need to be carried out by a vet?

A.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has advised that AI is a veterinary procedure and therefore should only be performed by a vet

Q.  Can I register a litter if I plan to use surgical insemination?

A. Please note that from the beginning of 2019, the use of surgical insemination has been banned by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Therefore, no applications will be accepted whereby the litter was produced using this method.

Q.  If the donor dog is dead, does there still need to be a 15 year gap before the semen can be used?

A.  There is no longer any waiting time period required to use semen from a deceased dog.

Q.  The stud dog I want to use is alive and in the UK - will the application be accepted?

A.  The Committee has advised that if the proposed sire is alive and in the UK the litter would not normally be accepted for registration (with the exceptions of Irish Wolfhounds of 8.5 years or older which may be used as donors in AI). An exception may be considered if there were medical reasons why the dog could not mate naturally. Any request would need to be considered by the Committee and must be accompanied by a detailed veterinary letter explaining the circumstances.

Q.  I have bought the semen and therefore it is legally mine - who signs the AI and litter registration forms ?

A.  KC regulations require the registered owner of the donor dog to sign the litter application form. However if you are able to obtain written confirmation from the owner of the donor dog that you are the legal owner of the semen, you will be permitted to sign the AI and litter application forms

Q.  Do I need permission to register the litter in advance from the KC?

A.  You no longer need advanced permission to register a litter by AI provided that your application complies with our rules and guidelines



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