Artificial insemination (AI)

Prior approval is not necessary to register a litter produced by AI provided that all of the following comply, and that the AI involves non surgical insemination:

Requirements for registration following AI

  • All litters produced by AI will be subject to existing Kennel Club registration regulations.
  • The Kennel Club will accept an application to register a litter produced by AI from either overseas dogs or those domiciled in the United Kingdom but the AI must be declared on the litter application form.
  • Litters produced by AI from maiden dogs or bitches will be accepted, but their progeny should produce a natural litter before they themselves are involved in an AI breeding. If the sire or dam subsequently produces a litter naturally the restriction on AI for the progeny no longer applies.

If none of these conditions is breached, then the owner need only ensure that the AI form (Form 2) is completed and submitted along with the litter application form (Form 1) at the time of registration.

If however the AI application does not satisfy all of these requirements, then individual cases will have to be made and registration will be at the discretion of the Kennel Club General Committee. 

Please note that from the beginning of 2019, the use of surgical insemination has been banned by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Therefore, no applications will be accepted whereby the litter was produced using this method.

Methods of Insemination

There are two general methods adopted for insemination:

a) Non-surgical - intravaginal, where semen is placed directly into the vaginal canal

b) Non-surgical - trans-cervical using a catheter and/or an endoscope

The RCVS advise that intravaginal insemination does not amount to the practice of veterinary surgery and, as such, may be undertaken by suitably competent lay persons. However, trans-cervical insemination is regarded as an act of veterinary surgery and may only be undertaken by a veterinary surgeon.

Any questions on these procedures should be addressed to the Breeder Services.


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