Breeding from your dog

As scientific advances and our knowledge increases, there has probably never been a more exciting time to breed dogs as more and more tools are becoming available to help you make good breeding decisions. 

The Kennel Club has a number of free resources, many of which are freely available on this website, that can help and guide you in making important decisions that may not only affect you but will also affect the outcome for your bitch and her puppies.

A list of recommended health tests (PDF) that are required as part of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme provide a good basis for deciding which health tests are appropriate for your breed.

Novice breeder?

If you have little or no experience of breeding dogs then you probably do not consider that you are a dog "breeder". However anyone who owns a female dog (bitch) and allows her to produce a litter of puppies is, by definition, a dog breeder and as such has responsibilities to the bitch her puppies and indeed the new owners of any puppies that she produces.

Even if you only ever breed one litter you will want to make every effort to ensure that the puppies that you breed have sound temperaments, are healthy, and are good and "typical" examples of the breed. You will also want to make sure that they go to suitable home and bring pleasure to their new owners for the whole of their life time.

Breeding and health
This section contains breeding advice, health resources, how to use them, information on genetics and understanding the science behind selection and breeding.

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Novice Breeder Checklist
If you are contemplating dog breeding, there are certain questions that you will need to ask yourself before proceeding concerning the time-commitment, costs and knowledge of dogs among others.
Using Your Dog at Stud
Thinking of using your dog at stud? Why not read our article on things to consider before mating your dog.
Selling Your Kennel Club-Registered Dogs
Let the Kennel Club help you find suitable homes for your new puppies. Our online Find a Puppy service provides contact details of breeders who currently have Kennel Club registered pedigree puppies for sale in the UK.
Kennel Club Code of Ethics
All breeders who register their puppies, and new owners who register ownership of their dogs with the Kennel Club, accept the jurisdiction of the Kennel Club and undertake to abide by its general Code of Ethics.
Assured Breeder Scheme
The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme promotes good breeding practice and, as a breeder, you may wish to consider joining. There are set requirements that Assured Breeders must agree to follow, which encourage the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies. In return, Assured Breeders may use the scheme literature and logo on their website to promote their breeding.
Artificial Insemination (AI)
Prior approval is not necessary to register a litter produced by artificial insemination (AI) provided that all of the following requirements are fulfilled, and that the AI involves non surgical insemination.
DNA Profiling & Parentage Analysis
Your dog's DNA could be used to act as a method of identification, or be used to check a dog's parentage against samples from the sire and dam.
The Puppy Socialisation Plan
For the breeder, the aim of the Puppy Socialisation Plan is to have a nationally-recognised socialisation programme that both provides a framework for socialisation and habituation, and also works as a diary that can be passed onto the new owner so that they can be actively involved in their puppy's own development.


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