Puppy buyer advice sheet templates for Assured Breeders

One requirement of the Scheme is that members must provide advice to new owners on the following important topics: 

  • Socialisation information
  • Exercise information
  • Breed features and characteristics (Information about the breed)
  • Training information
  • Feeding advice (Diet Sheet)
  • Grooming information
  • Worming regime (when puppy was last wormed, product used and when next worming is due) 
  • Immunisation regime (what vaccinations (if any) have been done or what you would recommend)
  • Copy of your Contract of Sale
  • Puppy's microchip number. 

To assist with this there is now a pack which can be downloaded (written with the help of the Pet Care Trust, Pet Food Manufacturers Association, Bayer and the British Dog Groomers Association) and is available for Assured Breeders to adapt. Before it meets the requirements of the Scheme, the pack needs to be edited and personalised so that it is clear that it refers to you, and it should also contain information that is specific to your breed and puppies.

Assured Breeders are also required to provide a stud dog contract when their dogs are used at stud to visiting bitches. The Kennel Club has produced a guide to a stud dog contract which is available for Assured Breeders to use. Please note, that this document must be edited and personalised with your own information before it will meet the requirements of the Scheme.

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ABS Contract Form Buyer Addendum

ABS Contract Form Buyer

ABS Contract Form Seller Addendum

ABS Contract Form Seller


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