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Breeder Assessment Visits
The purpose of visiting breeders is simply to ensure compliance with the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme (KCABS), to offer guidance on how the scheme can benefit the breeder and to also to give an opportunity to discuss any issues face to face with one of our Regional Breeder Assessors (RBA).
ABS Seminar – Saturday, 13th January 2018
We are hosting an Assured Breeder Scheme Seminar on Saturday, 13th January 2018. The seminar is open to all – both existing members and those considering joining - and is an opportunity for like-minded breeders to develop their understanding of the ABS and contribute to its future.
Assured Breeder Accolades
There are currently four accolades that Assured Breeders may qualify for: Breeding Experience Accolade, Breed Club Accolade, Stud Book Accolade, Accolade of Excellence.
Policing the Scheme
Recent consultation with breed clubs has highlighted a lack of awareness of policing measures used in connection with the Assured Breeder Scheme. This page clarifies how the Kennel Club polices the Scheme.
Scheme Requirements & Recommendations
A useful list of reminders, which can be helpful to ensure you have ticked all the boxes before, during and after you have sold your puppies.
MyKC Discounts for Assured Breeders
Login to MyKC to access the full list of discounts available to Assured Breeders.

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If you have any questions about the scheme or need to arrange a visit please contact us: