Ms Philippa Robinson MSc, FRSA, Assoc CIPD

Philippa's career as a management and training consultant spans thirty years.   She attained a Masters in Human Resource Management with Distinction from Sheffield Business School in 2012 where she was the recipient of the SIG Prize for Excellence. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  

On paper that background may look like it has nothing to do with dogs; however, Philippa points out that many of the issues facing us in dog health and welfare stem directly from the attitudes and behaviours of people, so having a good grounding in psychology and sociology is insightful for policy development.  Between 1995 and 2008 she worked on the Investors in People model, both as an advisor and assessor, so has a raft of experience in quality assurance and risk management schemes.

Her life in dogs includes owning both pedigrees and crossbreeds and as a child her family puppy-walked for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  She currently shares her life with a Weimaraner cross and a purebred Miniature Bull Terrier, and although she does not compete with either of them, she takes part in fun agility on a regular basis.

In 2011 Philippa founded the Karlton Index for measuring progress in dog health and in 2013 launched the Breed Health Awards in partnership with the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.  She attends APGAW and is an active campaigner against puppy farming.

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