Mrs Jan Wood

During her teens, Jan Wood's interests were in working her dogs.  She worked a German Shepherd Dog up to test A obedience and competed in a couple of working trials and judged/trained obedience.  She turned to showing dogs after a rather nasty fall from a large horse meant that she couldn't ride for a time and so instead of showing horses she started with the dogs - much easier to go to a show in an estate car instead of a horse box!  She never went back to showing horses.

Jan's first show dog was an English Springer Spaniel bought from the Hawkhill kennel in 1973.  She mated her to the famous Sh Ch Hawkhill Connaught and from that first litter came Jan's first champion to carry the Ardencote affix.  Since then she has been fortunate enough to make up champions in English Springer Spaniels, Greyhounds, Parson Russell Terriers and Whippets.  She is still active with the Parson Russell Terriers and Whippets and awards CCs in all of these breeds and has been privileged to be invited to judge them in many countries.  She has judged English Springer Spaniels, Greyhounds, Spanish Water Dogs and Parson Russell Terriers at Crufts.

In an effort to give something back to the hobby which has given her so much pleasure over so many years, Jan is a serving member of the Kennel Club General Committee and Breed Standards and Stud Book Committee, also Chairman of the Assured Breeder Scheme Sub-group of the Dog Health Group.  She is a member of the ABS and believes that this is the way forward for the good of dogs in the UK.  Jan feels that the Scheme offers guidance for the dog-buying public.  She says: "I am fully aware that there are lots of breeders out there who breed to very high standards and who are not members of the ABS but the problem as I see it is, how does the public know that breeders are breeding to a high standard when they are looking for a puppy?"

Outside the world of dogs, Jan's interests lie in equestrian sports, gardening and country pursuits.  She has also used the Ardencote affix to register pedigree pigs, sheep and cattle.

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