Miss Annette Conn BA (Hons), HNC, MCFBA

Annette Conn is a professional Dog Behaviour Consultant and Training Instructor, and she specialises in assessing and working with dogs that have behaviour and training problems.

Annette has a First Class Honours degree in Animal Behavioural Management, a Higher National Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Training, and she has been professionally trained as an independent Expert Witness for her work in legal cases involving dogs.

Annette has been instructed to assist with numerous criminal and civil legal cases involving dangerous dogs and dog welfare, and has worked as a consultant, guest speaker, expert witness and adviser for several police forces, the RSPCA, the Crown Prosecution Service, Local Authorities, and private solicitors, and has lectured on Animal Welfare Law and Dog Behaviour Therapy at academic institutions.

Annette has owned several different types of dogs including many rescued dogs.  She has taught and competed successfully at championship level 'competitive obedience' and participated in a wide variety of dog activities, including training and handling dogs for television and film work, and working at the Mayhew Animal Home in London.

Annette has writtenThe Dog Owner's Handbook(Carlton Books) which sets out what puppy and dog-owners really need to know (but often don't know!), including how (and why) to avoid the most common pitfalls and problems, and she helped to writeThe Kennel Club's Puppy Handbook.

Annette is a member of the Kennel Club, and the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association.

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