Dr Anthony C Buckwell BVet Med, DLAS, MRCVS

Tony Buckwell is a veterinary surgeon who worked in mixed, predominantly small animal practice, prior to a variety of senior management roles in industry, with a large animal breeder and in academia, each relating to the veterinary care and general welfare of a variety of animal species. Tony lectured to undergraduate and post graduate students on the ethics of society's use of animals, has taken a keen interest in assisting scientists communicate more effectively on animal-based research and helped deliver specialist training courses at the Royal Veterinary College.

Tony has published on veterinary ophthalmology, the welfare of rabbits and dogs, and has helped draft national regulatory guidance on the care, housing and use of animals in research and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon's Guidance for Named Veterinary Surgeons.

After being obliged to retire from full-time employment in 2012 he offers his expertise as a veterinary technical consultant advising on animal welfare, breeding and husbandry, and on the design and management of animal accommodation, as well as maintaining a long-established canine frozen semen bank. He has a life-long passion for dogs, natural history and country pursuits. He is married to a pedigree gundog breeder, and helps with the running of local working gundog tests and field trials.

Tony volunteers his expertise to the Kennel Club and writes for popular magazines on the breeding, welfare and care of gundogs. He is a keen amateur photographer and illustrates most of his writings and presentations and is currently commissioned to write and illustrate a book on the health care and general welfare of working gundogs.

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