Assured Breeder Scheme Sub-Group

The Assured Breeder Scheme Sub-group is one of four sub-groups which report to the Kennel Club Dog Health Group.  The ABS Sub-group was formed in 2010 and currently has eight voting members drawn from a variety of areas within the world of dogs including the veterinary and behaviourist professions and the competitive worlds of field trials and dog shows. 

The remit of the Assured Breeder Scheme Sub-group is as follows:

  1. The primary purpose of the ABS Sub-group is to safeguard the impartiality of the Assured Breeder Scheme.
  2. To ensure impartiality at all levels including strategy and planning, certification of its members and their ongoing assessment and evaluation.
  3. To act as an impartial unit which provides for the participation of all parties significantly concerned with the ABS.
  4. To advise on the formulation of policy matters relating to the operation of the Scheme.
  5. To oversee the running of the ABS, with particular regard to the performance of the processes of admitting, monitoring and excluding breeders from the Scheme, as well as the receipt and evaluation of puppy buyer feedback.
  6. To make recommendations as to the husbandry aspects of the ABS and to put into operation those health screening requirements/recommendations agreed by the Dog Health Group and in liaison with breed clubs/councils.
  7. To oversee the use of Scheme finances.

The members of the Sub-group are as follows:

  • Mr Julien BARNEY (Chairperson)

  • Dr Anthony BUCKWELL

  • Miss Annette CONN

  • Miss Catherine DOBBIE

  • Ms Sharon EDWARDS (Vice Chairperson)

  • Ms Marisa HEATH


  • Mrs Alison SKIPPER

  • Mrs Sussie WILES

In addition to the ABS Sub-group members listed above, there are a number of Kennel Club staff members who also sit on the Sub-group:

  • Ms Sarah BARTRIP
  • Mr Nick SUTTON


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