Assured Breeder Scheme Supporters

The following members are not currently breeding litters but are dedicated to promoting and supporting good breeding practice as advocated by the Assured Breeder Scheme.


Name County
Mrs J L Ainsworth Suffolk
Mrs F Archer Wiltshire
Ms H R Atton Gwent
Mrs S P & Mr N J Barrett Hertfordshire
Mrs G T & Mr J K Beagle Lincolnshire
Mrs G I Beveridge Gloucestershire
Mr J Bicknell Suffolk
Mrs M Birket & Mr R Cooper West Midlands
Mr B P & Mrs S A Burnett London
Mrs C M Craik Oxfordshire
Mrs B J Denny & Ms N J Denny Hampshire
Mrs E Dickman Gloucestershire
Misses E J Dziergas & K L Ashworth West Midlands
Mrs S H Evans West Glamorgan
Mrs H Fitzgibbon Derbyshire
Mrs H Gibson Dorset
Messrs D M Gillan-Reid & R Gillan Midlothian
Mrs S Glenn Warwickshire
Mr H J & Mrs W E Glover Kent
Mrs P A Gregory Bedfordshire
Mrs S E Gundry Surrey
Ms M Haage County Down
Mrs C & Mr D Heron Buckinghamshire
Mrs P & Mr M Hill Bedfordshire
Ms S Hood Essex
Mrs M C Jankelow East Sussex
Mrs M Lee Devon
Mr S A & Mrs S L Markey Tyne and Wear
Mrs B & Mr S McClark & Mrs S Godwin-Kennedy & Mr J A Ashwood West Yorkshire
Mr D J & Mrs L S McGregor Lincolnshire
Miss C McNamara West Sussex
Mrs A Moloney Lancashire
Ms S E Morecroft Leicestershire
Mrs C M Oates-Roe Nairnshire
Ms T Page & Mr G Dearden Cheshire
Mr J A Parker Nottinghamshire
Mr E M Paterson Northumberland
Mrs M J Piggon Gwynedd
Mrs Y A Pitt Surrey
Mr E J Quarterman Gloucestershire
Mrs S & Mr P Rice Wiltshire
Mr D Shea London
Miss K Smith & Mr L Faulkes Kent
Mrs L J Vintcent Oxfordshire
Dr J A Walker Lanarkshire
Mr C L & Mrs E F Whitby Leicestershire
Miss S White West Glamorgan
Mrs C I & Mr A R Wilson Surrey
Mrs C S Wyatt Hampshire

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