Announcement for Kennel Club Breeders

We wish to advise and alert all breeders that recent attempts have been made by telephone to access bank account/card details from some Kennel Club breeders on the pretext that there were missing funds/fraudulent use/ or a problem with  a bank card and using as a reference previous payments for a Kennel Name to give a plausible pretext of authenticity. 

If you receive such a telephone/email approach then this will not be a genuine approach and you should not respond and provide any financial details.

We first want to assure you that access to any financial transactions with the Kennel Club is subject to strict security protocols – and financial information given in a transaction is protected by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) processes which are adopted by the Kennel Club.  

We wanted nevertheless to issue this alert generally for breeders to be mindful of such calls being made with a reminder that banks and building societies will never make approaches like this and seek bank account details by phone in an unsolicited manner.

We hope no other breeders have been targeted in this manner but if there is any further untoward activity do please report this to the Data Protection Team immediately;

The National Cyber Security Centre also provides comprehensive advice about how to prevent/report and repair in respect of any form of cyber interference or attempted cyber fraud for individiuals. - “top tips” for on line security.

Guidance also links to some advice on fraudulent requests for banking details.

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