Working Trial FAQs

This is a selection of enquiries received at the Kennel Club about the details of the Working Trials Regulations and practices. We will continue to add new questions as they are received.


Q. I am considering returning to Working Trials but no longer have the correct 'dimensions' of the 'jumps'. I would like to make myself a full set. Could you tell me where I could find this information?

A. The dimensions of the scale, clear jump and long jump are in the Kennel Club Working Trials Regulations (specifically in Annex C, paragraph 10 of the 'I' Regulations). The dimensions are different for different sizes of dog in the CD and UD Stakes, but for the WD, TD and PD Stakes the dimensions are always the same as those for the largest dogs in CD and UD. (The Regulations can be bought in a handy booklet format for £1.50 - details of the Regulations).


Q. How can I get my dog's UD 'Excellent' title added to her record at the Kennel Club?

A. The 'Excellent' qualifications CD Ex., UD Ex. and WD Ex. can be added to a dog's record on application; a copy of the relevant qualification certificate should be sent to the Awards Section of the Canine Activities Department at the Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges St, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB. The TD Ex. and PD Ex. titles will be automatically added to the dog's name when the Kennel Club receives the marked catalogue from the Trial organisers.

Trials - Spectator Dog Entries

Q. Does a Spectator Dog form need to be filled out for each Tracklayer, Helper and Judge who have a dog with them at a trial? Does the Trials Manager have to fill in a form and wear a number if their dogs are with them throughout the trial?

A. You should ask any non-competing helper (as well as any spectator uninvolved in the trial) who brings a dog to a trial to complete a 'Spectator Dog entry form'. The numbered 'stickers' are for the convenience of the Trials Manager to enable them to identify an owner whom they don't know. The Trials Manager obviously does not need a sticker. Competitors who bring non-competing dogs should continue to use their entry form to enter those dogs 'not for competition'.

The aim of the Spectator Dog entry forms and the regulations about dogs at a trial is to provide a safeguard, ensuring that in the event of any incident, details of all dogs and owners present at a trial are available to the Trials Manager, so that trial insurance coverage remains fully effective. Like regular trial entry forms, the Spectator Dog forms include an agreement to abide by the Kennel Club regulations for the trial and also include a health declaration for the dogs.

Trials - Change of Judge

Q. The Control & Agility Judge at our forthcoming Trial, who was named in the Schedule, unfortunately had to withdraw from the judging appointment due to ill-health. The Committee has invited a replacement judge who has accepted. Do we need to take any further action?

A. You should notify the Kennel Club of any change of judge; either an email or a notification with the marked catalogue is fine except in the case of Championship TD or PD judges, where the replacement requires Kennel Club approval.

Make sure that all competitors in the relevant stakes are made aware of the change - if they have already been sent their report times, you should at the least display a prominent notice at the base and if possible use the dog press, websites or other publications to let people know beforehand.

As long as the society accepts the judge's reasons for being unable to fulfil their judging contract, no more needs to be done. If the society does not accept the reasons, a report should be made to the Kennel Club, who will contact the judge and investigate.


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