Running a Working Trial Society

Societies and Clubs provide the main focus for competitors in Working Trials, and are generally responsible for running trials and for providing structured training. Working Trials spectators. Many societies in the field are specialist Working Trials societies, but a number are general canine societies. In either case, Kennel Club registration offers many benefits, including:

  • eligibility to hold licensed trials and other events
  • access to Kennel Club information and services
  • promotion and safeguarding of standards.


The Kennel Club also directs enquirers looking for a training club to registered societies, and promotes licensed competitions and trials held by registered societies.  To protect competitors, Kennel Club registered societies agree to abide by Kennel Club Regulations and must be formed with a committee and membership structure. Societies are required to submit an annual return to the Kennel Club.

There are about 1,800 registered societies in the UK holding nearly 3,000 shows and trials a year - a thriving community all dedicated to the Kennel Club's primary objective: to promote in every way the general improvement of dogs.

If you have any questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact the Registered Societies department through the Kennel Club website, or directly by email to Caroline Hallett, Manager - Registered Societies. Caroline has many years expertise and experience of dealing with clubs and societies and is very happy to offer help and advice on club management.

Registering your Club or Society

If you are interested in registering your club with the Kennel Club, an information pack on the Registration of Title with the Kennel Club is available, which sets out the application process. Please contact Clare Hitchcox either on 01296 318540 ext: 217 or by email Once societies become registered, new secretaries are issued with a 'Welcome Pack' which details the main requirements of societies in terms of Kennel Club Regulations, society administration and event management. Furthermore, a comprehensive manual or secretaries' guide is available from the Publications Department full of tips and advice for all club and society management teams.


Q. What are the the benefits of registering a club with the Kennel Club?

A. The Kennel Club values its registered societies and they have a vital role to play in helping as many people understand the importance of the dog in society. Being registered with the Kennel Club means that your club members will have access to the very best standards in club management and show administration as well as having access to a wealth of information on every conceivable doggy matter, from genetic testing and health schemes, to the full history of a breed. Only Kennel Club registered societies can hold Kennel Club licnsed events which attract tens of thousands of participants every year.

Q. Is Kennel Club Registration open to all?

A. The applicant society must have a constitution based on the Kennel Club Regulations for societies and is subject to approval by the Committee. On some occasions an application may be turned down on the grounds that the particular geographical area or breed is adequately served.

Q. How long does it take to process a Registration of Title Application?

A. Usually 6-12 months depending on the type of society. This because the application may need to be referred to particular sub-committees which do not meet more than quarterly. Also, applications are advertised in the Kennel Club Journal, which requires a certain amount of lead in time.

Q. The Registered Society has appointed a new Club secretary - should we notify the Kennel Club?

A. Yes - any changes of secretary must be notified in writing to the Registered Societies Department on club letterhead, so that the central database can be updated. Until written confirmation is received, the update cannot take place.

Q. When are Annual Returns due?

A. 31 July

Q. When is Maintenance of Title fee due?

A. 1 January

Q. Is there an opportunity for secretaries of Registered Societies to visit the Kennel Club?

A. The Canine Activities Department holds 'Meet the Staff' days on a monthly basis, whereby society secretaries may visit the department and speak to members of staff on any pertinent issues. They may also visit the Library and Gallery by arrangement.

Additional information for Secretaries of Clubs and Societies:

Useful Calendar for Secretaries of Clubs and Societies
Code of Practice for Objections and Appeals



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