Progressing in Working Trials

When you have gained more experience, you will aim to qualify to enter into more advanced stakes. Qualification in Working Trials is obtained by achieving sufficient marks in each group of exercises and also at least 80% of the available marks overall for the stake in which you are competing. You will initially enter each stake at an Open Trial level; if you are successful this can qualify you to enter the same stake at a Championship Trial.

From the first stake, Companion Dog (CD) or Open Utility Dog (UD), through Championship Utility Dog (UD), Open and Championship Working Dog (WD), to Open and Championship Patrol Dog (PD) and Working Trials Tracking Dog (TD) at the very top, a dog is required to obtain 70% of the marks in each group of exercises and 80% of the overall total marks in order to qualify and thereby progress upwards to the next stake.

Excellent Awards

When your dog gains a qualifying mark of at least 70% in each group of exercises and at least 80% overall at a Championship Working Trial, it is entitled to use the title 'Excellent' after the qualification - for example UD Ex., WD Ex. or TD Ex. The titles TD Ex. and PD Ex. are automatically added to the dog's record by the Kennel Club on receipt of the trial's marked catalogue. To apply to add other Ex. awards to a dog's record, a copy of the relevant qualification certificate should be sent to the Awards Section of the Canine Activities Department at the Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges St, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB.

Eligibility for Working Trial Stakes

Championship Qualification

The highest accolade in Working Trials is the title of Working Trial Champion (WT Ch), which is awarded to a dog that has won two Working Trial Certificates at a T.D and / or P.D Championship Trial (with an 'Excellent' qualification) under two different Judges. The winner of a Kennel Club Working Trial Championships which has qualified 'Excellent' automatically gains the title of Working Trial Champion.

Kennel Club Working Trials Championships

Each year, dogs winning Championship TD and PD tickets with an 'Excellent' qualification during the year are invited to compete in the Kennel Club Working Trials Championships (the "KCCs"'), held every October and hosted by a different society each year. Details of the Kennel Club Working Trial Championships can be found here.


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