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Training your dog for Working Trials is rewarding in itself, but it is at a trial that you discover how well your training is progressing. The atmosphere at a trial is always supportive and encouraging, perhaps partly because the handlers are competing against a standard rather than against other competitors.

First Trial

Once you have started training your dog and understand more about Working Trials, you will want to think about entering a trial. To be sure you are prepared; take a look at the 'Checklist - Going to your first trial' below. Be aware that most trials span several days. You may find that all your exercises are scheduled on the same day, but you may sometimes find that your nosework exercises are on one day while your control and agility exercises take place at the end of the trial.

Checklist - Going to your first trial


At the Trial

End of the Trial

If you enjoyed competing in a Working Trial you may well enter another one and continue to enter trials until you have qualified for a more advanced stake. To find out more about progressing in Working Trials, click here.