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Craig Ogilvie

Helen Zulch

Iain MacDonald

Jackie Boyd

Stephen Jenkinson

Dr Tracy Carter

Craig Ogilvie - NPCC Police dog training instructor

Craig will talk through how to use considerate play skills to create a unique interactive play experience to suit every dog as an individual. Allowing us to work towards enhancing our relationships with our dogs by becoming the creator of their favourite form of positive reinforcement.


Helen is a veterinarian and Royal College and European Specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine. She is currently the head of Professional Development in Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust where she has responsibility for staff education and professional development in dog behaviour and training.
Helen's talk will discuss what we know regarding the influence of health problems on behaviour in dogs so that we can ensure that through taking a holistic approach to psychological, emotional and physical health we can do the best for our dogs’ wellbeing.

Iain MacDonald - Fitpaws Master Trainer

This presentation will identify the physiological needs of key canine sports and the importance of conditioning to help prevent injuries and potentially improve performance. The presentation will identify the key principles and rules when planning and undertaking conditioning programmes.

Jackie Boyd - BSc (Hons) Zoology (Parasitology), MSc Animal Nutrition, PhD Genetics, PGCHE, FHEA, CHES
Chair of the Kennel Club’s Activities Health and Welfare Sub-Group

In this session, we will consider the fundamental nutritional science of the domestic dog and relate that to current feeding practices and preferences. We will review current scientific finding and identify some of the key issues associated with the apparent “epidemic” in canine obesity. Both human and canine factors will be considered and discussed, as well as practical strategies that could be implemented.

Stephen Jenkinson - Kennel Club Access and Countryside Advisor

For most dog owners, taking their pet for a walk is a fundamental part and pleasure of dog ownership. But what should be a relaxing and enriching activity for human and dog alike, can be fraught with difficulties and conflict about where they can go and what they can do.

This session will help you to:
• Understand dog walkers’ rights and responsibilities in the outdoors 
• Advise clients on how to have happy and healthy dog walks 
• Be aware of the Kennel Club's access work, including the KCDOG scheme 
• Oppose unnecessary restrictions on dog walking in town, coast and country.

Dr Tracy Carter BSc MRCVS

Tracy is a practicing veterinarian in sports medicine and rehabilitation at the SMART Clinic. Tracy's session will explore expectations for developing skill and strength in an injured athlete – how does one progress? Discuss criteria for advancing performance during and after rehabilitation.

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