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The purpose of the Herding Test, a limited version of a sheepdog trial, is to safeguard the future development of the Border Collie by emphasising the importance of the breed's natural herding abilities.

Border Collies which achieve Show Champion status in the breed ring need to succeed in the Herding Test before being made up to full Champions. However any registered Border Collie may take the Herding Test.

The test ties in with the Kennel Club's "Fit for Function, Fit for Life" campaign, which aims to ensure that dogs are bred to be fit for their original function and to enjoy their lives to the full.

The Herding Test consists of four principal elements - Outrun, Bring/Fetch, Balance and Drive - working a group of five to ten sheep.

Each dog should pass each section. If a dog fails one section then it will be at the judges' discretion whether they will be allowed to attempt part of the test again.  As it is the dog's herding ability which is being tested, dogs may be handled by anyone, not necessarily the owner.

There are exemptions for dogs which have been successful in certain Trials affiliated to the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS). Full details of these exemptions are available on the Border Collie Herding Tests page (see link below).

How can I apply to enter my dog in a Herding test?

More information about dates, places and entry forms for future tests, click here.

What does the test involve?

For information about what is required at the test please see the following page.

Does your dog have what it takes to become a Full Champion?

The Kennel Club is pleased to report that Ch Littlethorn Colt at Tobermoray, handled by Rachel Spencer from Burton on Trent, has become the first Border Collie to receive Full Champion status, for both his sheep herding and showing abilities, in over 15 years. Follow this link for the full story: Border Collie Champion.

Show Border Collie Herding Test News

Eric, a Border Collie, owned by Diane Whiting from Shepperton has passed the Show Border Collie Herding Test, for more information about Diane and Eric's achievement, click here.


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