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Clarification to the amendment to Regulation S(A)3 Titles announced on 25th October 2016

The change requires handlers to gain three qualifying scores at each level for their Level title.  Handlers must still enter the lowest Level for which their dog is eligible and may also enter the level above.  If a dog gains the higher Level title before the one for the Level they are working it must move up to the level above that.

Please note that where a handler has gained a Level title with their dog using a mixture of qualifiers gained from their level and the level above before the 31st December 2016 this will still stand, this rule change only applies from 1st January 2017.

Example 1 - Ava’s dog Scout has his RL4 earned from one Level 4 qualifier and two Level 5 qualifiers.  These three qualifiers were earned before 31st December 2016 so Scout will still have his RL4 and continue to work in Level 5 after the rule change on January 2017.

Example 2 - George’s dog Daisy ends 2016 with her RL1 plus one qualifier from Level 2 as well as one qualifier from Level 3.  To progress in 2017 Daisy will need two further Level 2 qualifiers for her RL2 title, however, George can continue to enter Level 2 and 3 at the same show and if Daisy gets more two Level 3 qualifiers she will gain her RL3 and progress to Level 4


1. Question:  My dog has his RL1 from two Level 1 qualifiers and a Level 2 qualifier - in January will I need to take him back into Level 1 to gain a third Level 1 qualifier?

Answer: No, as you gained your Level 1 title before the rule change you retain that title and continue to work in Level 2 to gain the further 2 qualifiers needed for your Level 2 title.

2. Question: What happens after January 1st if I gain three qualifiers at my higher Level before I gain three at the Level I am working?

Answer: You will gain the Level Title for the higher level and effectively skip a level.  For example it is still possible for someone starting out in Rally to gain their RL2 title and progress to Level 3 without gaining 3 qualifiers at Level 1.

3. Question:  I really want to give myself the best opportunity to gain an Excellent Title at each level.  How do I do this?

Answer: The easiest way to do this is to only enter one level at a time, as long as you gain three scores of 190 or better you can still claim your Excellent title for that level.

4. Question: How does affect the Inter-regional Rally competitions at Crufts?

Answer:  As the qualification date was 31st October 2016 the old regulations apply.



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